Jawbone Gets Additional Funding from Sequoia; Not Just Headsets Anymore?

nullSome guy at some site really likes Jawbone‘s noise-cancelling Bluetooth headsets. He likes them enough to tell us all about a mysterious amount of funding that Sequoia Capital has pumped into the headset maker. This follows a previous $5 million injection by Vinod Khosla earlier in the year.

So the question is: Does Jawbone have something secret up its sleeves besides Bluetooth headsets that we don’t know about? Or do the minders of the VC money in Silicon Valley tend to play favorites? I’m going for the former. By branching out into other markets, while maintaining their popular brand, Jawbone could become a boutique brand of all sorts of wireless accessories, and perhaps even quality phones themselves.

What we do know is that Jawbone is a company to keep your eyes on, and we’ll follow along as best we can. And you know that’s good.

Jawbone Gets A Boost From Sequoia Capital [TechCrunch]