Jawbone Gets A Boost From Sequoia Capital

If you haven’t actually experienced a phone call with a Jawbone bluetooth headset yet, watch the video below. Phone calls are literally that good, with background noise being completely blocked out.

You can have music playing or other background noise and the person on the call with you hears nothing but your voice. I’ve tested it extensively – and it now goes everywhere with me. And the guys at CrunchGear can’t stop writing about it.

The technology was good enough to get Vinod Khosla to invest $5 million in the company earlier this year. And last week in London we heard a rumor that powerhouse VC Sequoia Capital has also quietly invested additional capital in Jawbone. Sure enough, the company was added to the Sequoia website sometime recently. We are still trying to track down the size of the investment. The company raised a total of $14 million, plus whatever Sequoia has put in.

These things are pricey relative to other bluetooth headsets, ranging up to $150. But the first time you use it in a car with traffic noise, other people talking and/or the radio. you’ll be glad you bought it.