Google Reader Suffers Down Time

Google Reader, the market leading RSS reading platform according to some reports, appears to have suffered from technical difficulties resulting in feeds not refreshing from around 11pm US PST Sunday.

Reports on the Google Reader user forums would confirm the issue.

Google Reader itself is still accessible, all feeds imported into the system before this time remain readable; it would appear to be an issue where no new data is being imported into Reader.

As I write this (2:40am PST) I’ve not had a new item in Reader for at least 3 hours. I complained when Twitter was having ongoing problems; the withdrawal of not having fresh feeds is far far worse, although as an ex-Bloglines users I should be use to downtime of this nature by now.

Google Reader has had a number of issues lately, including data loss on June 11.

Given the time on the West Coast, there is no one at Google available to confirm the problems at the time of publication. If TechCrunch readers are experiencing similar issues let us know in the comments, presuming that you’ve managed to visit the site and read this post without the help of Google Reader.

Update: As at 5:30am PST/ 8:30am EST Google Reader is still down. East Coast Google Reader users are waking to no fresh feeds.

Update 2: As at 6am PST/ 9am EST Google Reader appears to be starting to include fresh feeds. No across the board updating but I’m seeing a couple of refresh posts as are a number of my Twitter contacts. Total downtime may have been around 7 hours.

Update 3: Google Reader team member Mihai Parparita apologizes in the comments for the downtime. Still no word on what went wrong.