New Version of Desktop Tower Defense Released

A new version of the popular and wildly addictive Desktop Tower Defense has been released.

The new version includes new Ink, Snap & Boost Towers, New Morph & Dark Creeps, New Trickle, Random, 15 Tower & Splash/No Splash modes, 10K mode is now 100 levels. The Bash tower is improved and the interface has been overhauled.

The new version delivers a more complex game that provides new challenges for regular users.

I’m siding with Jason Kottke on the changes: a lot of the changes make the game more complex without delivering more fun; trying to succeed with a number of the new features is plain difficult and literally means having to relearn the best way of playing the game. The in-game advertising with the letter K appearing on creeps referring to a sponsor is intrusive and a step too far. Many will enjoy the new challenges of Desktop Tower Defense, but for others it will lose its appeal.

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