• New Version of Desktop Tower Defense Released

    A new version of the popular and wildly addictive Desktop Tower Defense has been released. The new version includes new Ink, Snap & Boost Towers, New Morph & Dark Creeps, New Trickle, Random, 15 Tower & Splash/No Splash modes, 10K mode is now 100 levels. The Bash tower is improved and the interface has been overhauled. The new version delivers a more complex game that provides… Read More

  • Desktop Tower Defense Played 15 Million Times

    Desktop Tower Defense, the addictive and evil game that Jeremy Zawodny wrote about and which subsequently led to me losing several working days to “testing,” has been played 15 million times since launching in March. So says the creator, Paul Preece, to the WSJ today. Preece, who’s started his own company to create more games, says that up to 4,000 people are playing at any… Read More

  • Desktop Tower Defense Creates Startup

    Paul Preece, the designer of the wildly addictive Desktop Tower Defense has quit his day job and is teaming up with David Litsky; the designer of FlashElementTD to develop online games full time. Desktop Tower Defense currently ranks at just over 6,000 on Alexa. According to a report at Gigaom the game had 4 million unique visitors on 20 million page views in April. Michael Arrington has… Read More

  • Desktop Tower Defense Should Be Banned

    Desktop Tower Defense illustrates that you don’t need fancy graphics or big budgets to build highly addictive online games. In Desktop Tower Defence, all of the main graphics are hand drawn. I first discovered this on Jeremy Zawodny’s blog, where he warned “The lack of posting here in the second half of this week (especially to my linkblog) has been a direct result of… Read More