Finally, Music Videos To Appear on YouTube

emiyoutube1.gifFinally – users will be able to see music videos on YouTube. :-)

Ok, well, now at least it’s more legal. EMI Music just announced they have reached terms with Google’s YouTube both to distribute music videos from EMI artists on YouTube and to enable consumers to leverage the EMI music library in their own YouTube video creations.

Eric Nicoli, CEO of EMI Group, said the deal “meets EMI’s objectives to offer consumers the best possible entertainment experiences, to create new ways to connect our artists to fans and to enter into innovative business models that will generate revenues for our business and our creators.”

EMI will use YouTube’s content identification and reporting system to track and monetize its content and compensate artists. The tools also give EMI Music the ability to request the removal of EMI’s copyrighted content from YouTube.

Google has now secured music-license rights with the world’s four largest music labels: Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and EMI Group.

In April EMI announced a deal with Apple to start selling its artist content without copyright protection on iTunes.

Of course, just about every music video you care to see is already on YouTube. There’s even a search engine that only indexes YouTube music videos, almost all of which are posted in violation of copyright laws.