Middio: Music Video Search Engine For YouTube

Middio is a new site, still in private beta, that’s indexing music videos from YouTube and tagging them properly with the artist and song name. The search interface is good; finding a music video for a given artist takes just a moment and there’s none of the non-relevant content you see with YouTube searches. Videos are also embedded in the Middio site.

What Middio doesn’t have is playlists or any way to bookmark favorite videos, two very useful YouTube features. Until they add them, I’d use Middio as a good way to quickly search for music videos on YouTube, and then click through to add them to your YouTube playlists.

Another compelling feature would be the ability to convert videos to iPod format and download them to a computer. YouTube will try to stop it, but it’s not clear if they legally can.

Middio launches on May 5. Sign up on the home page for email notification.