Facebook Platform: What About the Users?

There’s no arguing that Facebook’s new Facebook Platform is inspired thinking. The noise about it speaks for itself. Facebook users will soon have access to extra functionality.

Given my own time difference (+8GMT) I’m late to the story, reading it first on TechCrunch and then on Techmeme. After reading the coverage I immediately logged into Facebook to see how I could use Facebook Platform. There’s nothing. Not one thing on the official Facebook communication pages about Facebook Platform. Facebook users are not all tech savvy types; they won’t read about the news on tech and web 2.0 related destinations including TechCrunch.

tc3.pngAt the time of writing this post;

Press Releases: last press release is dated April 6

Facebook Blog: last post May 22 talking about Facebook’s Infrastructure

Recent Headlines: top story is a May 2 post on using the Facebook API.

New Features: Facebook Mobile now works in Canada (May 23).

Shyness from Facebook after the privacy issues last year? If it’s an oversight it certainly is a large one. Controlling the message is not only important from a PR perspective, communication = trust in Web 2.0, silence, at least in direct communications with users, can often be viewed with suspicion. Surely Facebook would want to share this with their users?