Formatpixel Makes Sexy Presentations

formatpixellogo.pngWe’ve talked about a lot of online presentation applications, both formal (Zoho, Google, Empressr, Thumbstacks, Preezo, Slideshare) and informal (RockYou, Filmloop, Scrapblog, Bubbleshare). Formatpixel is a flash-based crossover between the two, meant to design portfolio or brochure presentations that look more like fashion magazines than PowerPoint presentations. You can see an example I embedded below, a photo portfolio here, and one with an embedded video here. Note the cool page flip animation.

Formatpixel uses a WYSIWYG layout editor to publish presentations in a virtual magazine format. The editor lets you drop in uploaded photos, text, and shapes onto virtual book pages. Each of the items you place on a page can be hyperlinked, scaled, blured, colored, and blended. The page glossiness, color, and background color can also be changed. The feature list for each of these objects is fairly lengthy.

Formatpixel accounts are limited by file size and number of projects. The free account supports only one project of 512K in size, while the most expensive account allows for 20 projects with 20MB of storage for 40 pounds a year. The site is currently the work of a single developer.

The full-size version is available here.