Google PowerPoint Clone Coming

Somebody took what appears to be a header file from an existing Google application and posted it as a document on Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

Based on some of the text in the document, the current code name of the presentation application is “Presently,” a play on the original Docs & Spreadsheets application, an online word processor called Writely that was acquired by Google in 2006 and later renamed.

We found this originally on Google Operating System and then made a quick copy of the Docs & Spreadsheets original file. During the time it took us to write this post the document was edited and all references to “presently” were removed. Just one reference to Google still remains. We’ve copied the entire document as we originally downloaded it to this page (“Presently”) for now. a total of 1,212 characters were redacted.

Some of the text that was in the original document is also copied below (all of this has now been removed, but the original file is here):

var MSG_VIEW_PRESENTATION=”View presentation”;
var MSG_PRESENTATION_SETTINGS=”Presentation settings”;
var MSG_DOC_TO_PRESENTATION=”Convert document to presentation”;
var MSG_DOC_TO_PRESENTATION_HINT=”Once your document is converted to a presentation, you can insert\nslide breaks using Insert > Slide from the main menu.”;
var MSG_PRESENTATION_TO_DOC=”Convert presentation to document”;
var MSG_POPUP_BLOCKER=”Presently is unable to launch your presentation in full-screen mode.\nCheck your pop-up blocker settings.”;
var MSG_NEW_SLIDE_TITLE=”New Slide”;
var MSG_UNSUPPORTED_BROWSER=”Unsupported Browser\nPresently doesn\’t support Opera and will not function properly.\nWould you like to continue anyway?”;
var MSG_SLIDE_INDEX=”Slide %1 of %2: %3″;
var MSG_NEXT=”Next”;
var MSG_NEXT_HINT=”Space, Enter, N”;
var MSG_PREV=”Previous”;
var MSG_PREV_HINT=”Backspace, Del, P”;
var MSG_ZOOM_IN=”Zoom in”;
var MSG_ZOOM_OUT=”Zoom out”;
var MSG_ZOOM_RESET=”Zoom reset”;
var MSG_TOGGLE_AUTOFIT=”Toggle AutoFit”;
var MSG_PICK_THEME=”Choose theme:”;
var MSG_THEME_BLANK=”Blank”;
var MSG_THEME_GOOGLE=”Google”;
var MSG_THEME_LIQUID=”Liquid”;
var MSG_THEME_MONOCHROME=”Monochrome”;
var MSG_TOGGLE_TOOLBAR=”Hide/show toolbar”;
var MSG_EXIT_PRESENTATION=”Exit presentation”;
var MSG_END_OF_PRESENTATION=”End of presentation. Are you sure you want to exit?”;