Omniture Announces Marketing 2.0 Analytics Tool

omniture_logo.jpgOmniture released an integration analytics tool called Genesis at a two-hour event today at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Genesis was created with over 30 marquee online advertising partners such as, Google, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Salesforce.

Omniture is an online marketing analytics company. Genesis is a measurement, performance, and integration tool. Integration being the key buzzword of the event. In this case, integration refers to the ability to understand how various online campaigns perform both together and separate, and making marketing purchases accordingly.

Are marketers not doing that? Forrester analyst Char VanBoskirk presented data showing that they don’t. Instead, she said that most marketers subscribe to the more-is-more theory.

“Users know how to filter out messages with spam filters and pop-up blockers. So how are most marketers responding to this challenge? They just send more messages,” VanBoskirk said. “Advertising on network TV has increased. Radio stations are airing more commercials per hour of programming than ever before. So in case you’re wondering, this is bad!”

VanBoskirk said that the smarter marketer will develop a data store, subscribe to a reporting and analysis tool, and then find a dashboard to manage activities. That’s what Genesis is.

Genesis allows users to develop about a billion “what if” scenarios based on various marketing campaigns. They can choose a campaign, and then drag and drop distribution tools such as DoubleClick for banner ads, or CheetahMail for email campaigns. All 30 Genesis partners have their product there for marketers to choose as a possibility. Once all distribution scenarios have been chosen, marketers can order up a channel summary that shows revenue by channel, top performing campaigns, etc. It’s a ton of information.

Omniture calls this a Plug and Play approach, which they say is the next generation in marketing. They call it the perfect example of Marketing 2.0.