WebEX to go mobile with SoonR

Web conferencing giant WebEX and mobile/PC connecting startup SoonR announced tonight that they have entered a partnership that will let users access WebEX conferences via mobile devices. WebEX has launched a new platform called WebEX connect which brings together select third party services to be integrated with the company’s web conferencing. Mobile access to WebEX is expected to be available in 3 to 6 months.

The web conferencing space is growing increasingly competitive and the high-end WebEX has got to continue to innovate to compete with the much less expensive GoToMeeting, Adobe’s Breeze and a number of free web conferencing solutions like DimDim that are coming to market.

Unlike Salesforce’s AppExchange, which offers API access to a large number of developers and on occasion leads to an acquisition (see the Kieden deal) WebEX appears to be opening a much more limited platform and hiring select outside partners to integrate their services.

SoonR is a company we’ve profiled here before, it allows users to search and access files on their desktop computers from more than 450 types of mobile phones. This isn’t the first application the company has moved to offer via mobile devices, they offer Skype by phone. SoonR has been making a lot of big announcements lately; last week they released what they call the first mobile AJAX service in conjunction with Opera Mobile and the closed a Series A round of funding with $6 million lead by Clearstone Venture Partners and Intel Capital.