Salesforce Dives Deep into Google Adwords

Salesforce will announce the launch of a new service called Salesforce for Google Adwords on Tuesday. The new product will be available to Salesforce customers on AppExchange, which launched earlier this year. Salesforce for Google AdWords can be found at under Search Marketing in the Marketing category.

The product can be used by customers to create, track and measure Google Adwords purchases, including a crucial ROI calculation for each keyword. Salesforce customers can try the application for free for 30 days; the cost is $300/month after that.

This product taps into the nearly $6 billion search engine marketing market (estimated to grow to $11 billion by 2010. (source: and is clearly needed by small and mid sized businesses without effective tools to easily create and track keyword buys on search engines. No word on whether Salesforce for Adwords will allow customers to track similar advertising spends on Overture and other competiting platforms.

The technology behind Salesforce for Adwords comes from Kieden Corporation, which was acquired by Salesforce earlier this month. The basic application has been available on Appexchange since May of this year. It appears that Salesforce liked it so much, they bought the company.

Many people are calling AppExchange a key example of “Enterprise 2.0“. Whatever it’s called, it is certainly a wildly successful platform: over 300 applications are available from 200 companies, and customers have installed these applications more than 12,000 times.

Screen shots, supplied by Salesforce, are below: