News Bits: Skype, Pandora and Meebo

There are a few product updates going out tonight or tomorrow morning involving Meebo, Pandora and Skype that are worth mentioning.

Skype Adds Skypecasts

Skype is releasing version 2.5 beta of its client software on Wednesday. There are some cool new features: the ability to send and SMS to any worldwide cell phone, improved conference calling (you see who’s talking), and other small improvements.

Skype is also launching a preview of Skypecasts, a free new product that allows live, moderated Skype conversations of up to 100 people. The host may controls mute, eject and “microphone pass”. Skypecasts may be prescheduled and promoted via html snippets.

Skype is still lacking a record feature, and while there are some good third party products out there to bridge the gap, none seem to work on the new Intel Macs.

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Pandora: 1.8 million Members, New Community Feedback Feature

Music discovery site Pandora will be announcing that it has 1.8 million users sometime tonight or tomorrow.

These customers have given Pandora a whopping 70 million pieces of song feedback over the last few months. Pandora will also be announcing that they will start to use this community feedback in evolving users’ playlists and delivering more relevant music.

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Meebo Chat Logs

Web chat startup Meebo has been rolling out new features pretty regularly. In February, Meebo gave users the ability to create accounts. Sometime this week they will announce that users will be able to access chat logs. They’ll also be announcing enhanced user preferences, better icons, etc.

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