• Meebo Acquires Mindset Media, Prepares To Venture Into Direct Response Advertising

    Meebo, the online IM service that has increasingly become known for its social toolbar that adorns thousands of websites, has acquired Mindset Media. Mindset Media targets ads based on psychographics — it uses criteria commonly seen in ad targeting systems, like gender and age, in addition to other variables that it says establish user preferences and personality, which can in turn be… Read More

  • The Unwelcome Return of Platform Dependencies

    The Unwelcome Return of Platform Dependencies

    Editor’s Note: The following guest post is written by a Silicon Valley CEO. Frank Dupree is a pen name In the late 1990s, the rise of the browser was supposed to usher in an era of unprecedented opportunity for startups. A great part of that increased opportunity came as a result of the significant reduction in platform dependencies. No longer did the users’ operating system… Read More

  • Social Networking: The Future

    Social Networking: The Future

    Editor’s note: This is the third of a three-part guest post by venture capitalist Mark Suster of GRP Partners on “Social Networking: The Past, Present, And Future.” Read Part I and Part II first. In my first post I talked about the history of social networking from 1985-2002 dominated by CompuServe, AOL & Yahoo! In the second post I explored the current era which… Read More

  • Meebo CEO Seth Sternberg On Why He's Pushing For Website Check-Ins (TCTV)

    Now that people are just starting to get comfortable with the concept of the check-in for geo-location, it is starting to spread to other areas like product check-ins, TV show check-ins, and website check-ins. Just a couple weeks ago, Meebo introduced website check-ins as a new feature for its Meebo Bar. And before that, at our last Disrupt conference in San Francisco, two of the… Read More

  • Meebo's Sternberg: The "Widget Economy" Was a Big, Fat Lie (TCTV)

    “Meebo did widgets super early. Guess what we learned? Don’t build stuff that sits in a box.” Better than a box? A bar. No, not one with hotties and booze– a toolbar. In part two of our interview with Meebo’s co-founder and CEO Seth Sternberg, we talk about the value of reach online– given the gargantuan reach companies can get on platforms like Facebook in… Read More

  • $25 Million for Web-based IM? Not Exactly. Meebo's CEO Explains. (TCTV)

    Pivot. It is the new buzzword seemingly taking on a life of its own ala “SUPER ANGEL” after this iconic, viral talk by Mike Maples. Ngmoco did it and cashed in big time. Instagram did it and became an app sensation. Twitter did it, and became, well, Twitter. And now Meebo has done it and raised another $25 million from Khosla Ventures to continue building its business. Seth… Read More

  • Raid The MiniBar: Meebo Gets Into The Site Check-In Game. But Don't Call It A Game.

    Raid The MiniBar: Meebo Gets Into The Site Check-In Game. But Don't Call It A Game.

    With the rise of Foursquare, the “check-in” has become fairly commonplace. With the launch of Places, Facebook will only make it more so. It shouldn’t be surprising that we’re seeing dozens of other startups spring up to do check-ins for FILL-IN-THE-BLANK. Media check-ins were a pretty obvious extension. But now we’re seeing a number of companies pop up that are… Read More

  • Bebo Adds Meebo In Belated Effort To Win Over Chat-starved Users

    Bebo just launched Meebo’s web-based instant messaging client across the social network and the company says a million messages have been sent already This is Bebo’s first step towards a much more real-time, interactive platform since they sold to AOL for $850 million in 2008. Right after that AOL let the platform languish, eventually shutting it down for tax purposes and selling… Read More

  • Toolbar Developer Wibiya Takes On Meebo As Traffic Soars

    Watch out Meebo, there’s a new kid on the block. Israeli startup Wibiya, which publicly launched its web-based, customizable toolbar to publishers in January of this year, is seeing impressive traffic for a year-old company. According to Quantcast, Wibiya is seeing 151 million monthly visitors to its toolbars. In contrast, Quantcast also reports that Meebo is currently seeing 143… Read More

  • As Facebook Looms, Meebo's Bar Gets A Big Speed Boost, Shares Strong Growth Figures

    To most people, online chat service Meebo is best known for its multiprotocol webchat, but for over a year now its primary focus has been the Meebo Bar — a persistent toolbar that third party websites can embed on their pages to facilitate sharing through services like Facebook, Twitter, and email. That bar now reaches nearly 150 million people per month through dozens of large third… Read More

  • Spearheaded By Meebo, XAuth Looks To Make Social Sites Smarter

    If you’ve ever tried using one of the many sharing widgets available on the web, you know that there are a lot of web services out there that support sharing. That presents a challenge for publishers, who often wind up showing widgets for the big players like Facebook and Twitter, while neglecting the smaller services their users may be members of. Now Meebo, in tandem with a roster… Read More

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