A Look at Plum

Plum, which I first saw at Demo in February, will be launching in mid to late May, co-founder and CEO Hans Peter Brondmo tells me. If you’d like to be notified the moment it launches, give Plum your email address on their home page.

Plum is similar to Kaboodle and Stylehive in that it is a social bookmarking site that allows users to add a lot of metadata about bookmarks (including images). Bookmarked items can tagged and be added to a public, private or shared “collection” (there are a number of defaul collections and more can be added).

One key way that Plum is different than other bookmarking site is that it allows users to bookmark items on their computer, not just on the web. A file that is open in certain desktop applications (things like photos, power point presentations, iTunes playlists, address book entries, email, etc) can be added to Plum by clicking a button on the Plummer, a small downloadable application for Windows or Mac. See the last screen shot below for a look at the Plummer.

Plum also makes an effort to show related public bookmarked content through a feature called “connections”. These appear in the right hand column of a collection of bookmarks, and are a really interesting way to find stuff related to what you’ve already bookmarked.

If Plum suffers from anything, it’s too many features. But the design and flow is intelligent and the help section answers most questions. See here for a video of Plum’s presentation at DEMO in February.

In addtion to Hans, Plum’s founders include Margaret Olson and Julie Hanna Farris (founder of Scalix).