Stylehive is Looking Good

Stylehive is a social bookmarking site that is focused on shopping. I believe that there is promise in this space, which includes the just funded Kaboodle, as well as Wists and the upcoming Plum. Why? Because 80% of online shopping is “research” and only 20% is actually “buying”. Stylehive addresses the 80% piece of the market.

Stylehive, designed by Emily Chang and Max Kiesler at Ideacodes, is also a visually stunning site – just check out the home page. They are focusing specifically on hot designs and trends.

The key differences between Stylehive and a normal bookmarking engine is the attention to different types of metadata (descriptive tags, prices, etc.), and the focus on images. When you use the Stylehive bookmarklet to bookmark a page, the images are automatically included as well for inclusion.

New functionality is rolling out regularly, including a commenting feature on all bookmarks yesterday. The company was founed by CEO Michael Carrier and is based in San Francisco.