Update on Pandora/Last.fm Mashup

For those of you who are fans of Pandora, Last.fm or both, you’ll like this mashup by Gabe Kangas. I wrote about it last month, when it was a bit of a hack. Now, Pandora is fully supporting the effort and has even given Gabe access to the Pandora API to create a more stable application.

The mashup is basically the Pandora player, and listeners have the ability to add music played by Pandora directly to their Last.fm playlists. Last.fm favorite artists for the user are also displayed, and can be used to generate on the fly Pandora stations.

What’s amazing to me about Pandora’s official sanctioning of the mashup is that it is effectively taking Pandora user data and sending it directly to Last.fm. Good for them for recognizing that openness is better than closedness.