Pandora and Together…sort of

People who love music seems to either be Pandora folks or folks, and the two groups often disagree (see, for example, the comments to this post).

Quite frankly, the two services each do different things very well, although there is some overlap. Pandora is great for discovering new music based on what you like. is also good at music discovery, but you can’t stream music directly from their site.

Where really shines, though, is in tagging and discussing music with friends. Because of the social aspects of, a lot of people like storing and tagging their favorite music there.

Well, for those hard core users of both services, has created something of a mashup (you will need a account to use this) – a clone of the Pandora player running on their server, with a script to submit any track directly to your account for later tagging, etc. The site will auto-determine the song and artist, although users can edit that information before submitting to

It’s rough, but it works. And it shows the power of users in the new web to manipulate services to do things that the owners may never have contemplated.