Preview of 3Bubbles

Silicon Valley based 3Bubbles, which launches next week, is going to be an awesome way for bloggers and other websites to extend the conversation on the things that they write about.

They have created a very easy to integrate Ajax based chat interface that can be added to every blog post automatically. By simply adding a code snippet into the blog template, a link will be included in every post (think comments, trackbacks, and now chat) to open a chat window where readers can debate and discuss the post.

The service will eventually integrate advertising into the ajax chat window, and the company says that they will split revenue with bloggers. Alternatively, bloggers can pay a monthly fee for the service and either turn off ads, or keep all of the advertising revenue.

3bubbles was founded by Drew Golkar and Jeremie Miller, and is lucky enough to have Stowe Boyd as an advisor (Stowe is also writing about 3bubbles today).

The hope is that Jeremie Miller’s involvement (he is the inventor of
the Jabber protocol) will ensure that 3bubbles will be scalable enough to handle all of this distributed traffic. A somewhat comparable service, ajchat, has had serious trouble keeping the service stable.

3bubbles is going to be wildly popular with bloggers. The two times I’ve added chat to TechCrunch (the ajchat post and the bunchball post), a rich discussion popped up immediately. This is also a brilliant idea for news sites like Memeorandum and NewsVine.

Sign up for the 3bubbles beta here.