Embed Flash Games in your Blog

I originally wrote about Bunchball during the Web 2.0 conference last fall. They relaunched their product on February 1, 2006

The core technology is the same, but bunchball has changed their interface, focus and messaging. From their profile request:

We’re a place for users to come play multi-player Flash “games” with small groups of friends, or easily take them and put them into their own web pages and blogs, to play with their visitors.

This is the important new thing about Bunchball that we added after the Web 2.0 conference (along with a completely new, 100x better UI) – the ability to take any game and put it into a web page.

Games can be anything from arcade type games to chat, to photo and music sharing.

For developers, we provide quick deployment of existing games (minutes), and an API to our multi-player platform – giving them more opportunities to have their games be viral and the ability to create multiplayer games faster than ever before.

The focus is now on allowing people to easily create flash games, and syndicate them to the edge on blogs and websites. I’ve embedded a version of Asteroids below, which is playable on this site. Games can be multi-player, and chat is integrated. I hope bunchball doesn’t pull an “ajchat” on me and break down.

Bunchball was founded by Rajat Paharia and Sunil Singh and is based in silicon valley.

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