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I’m a little late writing about this, but TalkDigger 2.0, which launched a week and a half ago, has really evolved since the original version that I wrote about back in July.

TalkDigger queries major blog (and other) search engines on a given URL and returns relevant results. Since all of the search engines vary in their results, this is the quickest way to see everything. Enhancements include more search results, more search engines, pagerank for each result, and more. I found an interesting RSS feature in the tools section, for example. And, the results UI is much more user friendly and looks like normal search results.

Frédérick Giasson, the creator of TalkDigger, give a full feature overview on his blog.

  • PXLated

    “or is it just a hippie mirage”
    I’ve had the feeling it is. Haven’t really found evidence it isn’t yet.

    “we look for leaders, not so much to take care of things for us, but to give us a clue how to do it for ourselves”
    Had hopes Obama would do that, still waiting, have been disappointed so far. We need “statesmen” rather than politicians. So far, all I see is politics. There are a couple months left so there’s still hope.

  • Matt Abrams

    Fundamentally, it is up to us, the People, to change the business as usual and not only demand, but do things differently. We are expecting someone else to save us and some great leader or leaders to rise up. Lest we do this ourselves, there is no one there to do it for us. I believe we are all still looking for some “one” to lead us through the mess we are. That “one” is us. Now the question is…is the us still the minority in this country and world or simply, until now, a silent majority?

  • Jack Arrington

    There you go again Steve; seeking conservatively-clothed political monsters upon whom you can cast blame for all the problems of the world.

    Technology was neither the cause or the innocent victim of this year’s meltdown of the economy. Nor will it serve well, as our economic savior. It can however, be argued that some technologists, by treating money as if it were derived from a Monopoly game, certainly contributed to a problem that is best compared to the technology bubble of the 90’s.

    What caused the meltdown, was the craziness of the housing market, combined with corruption and greed on the part of too many politicians (of all political persuasions,) and the people who buy those politicians, just as people buy the services of prostitutes and drug dealers. No difference! In fact, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been whores for over a decade and if their black-books (listing their customers,) are ever made public, many political superstars (at least one of whom is currently running for President,) will go down in flames, much as did Eliot Spitzer.

    And while I’m on a roll, Steve…It would be good if you could get a grasp on reality as it relates to global-warming. Your favorite ice cap may well be melting before your very eyes…but please do some independent research before you accept the cause de jour. There is surely evidence that the melting ice cream cone in your hand has causes related to your fervent grip…but no real evidence exists, to support your assumed power to melt a glacier. I suggest you read up on historical cooling and warming periods.


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  • Kevin

    “we look for leaders, not so much to take care of things for us, but to give us a clue how to do it for ourselves”

    There’s been some research lately that I’ve seen floating around that suggests that this very statement defines “liberal” or “conservative”. Liberals want to make their own decisions, where conservatives want a big brother, authority figure to make those decisions. This really seems contrarry to the political retoric, the more conservative folks that I deal with are all about saying that they want “big government off their backs”. Of course this isn’t backed up by their support of things like govt making decisions about how we live our personal lives, just the issues where they tend to agree.

    I really think that Conservative and GOP are now just brands that people can identify with. They’ve been sold a brand and fall in line to support the brand regardless of facts or sense.

  • Steve Gillmor


    I never said technology was the cause, just that it’s interesting that no one from the “community” has taken the political risk of getting out in front of what will actually make a difference, namely the betting of large amounts of bailout money on changing Detroit from a fossil-consuming international emergency to one where millions of jobs and strategic technological investment will keep us ahead in the global horserace.

    As to your denial of the science of global warming, good luck with that one.

    • Jack

      And as I said, Steve, neither is technology the victim OR the savior. The cure can only come through integrity, a human value that is in great scarcity and probably even in jeopardy of extinction.

      I will be happy to discuss the science of global warming, if we can agree that the issue is not whether the earth is warming…but whether the cause is a result of human-related carbon emissions. And if we engage, let us agree to rely only on credible sources; those that are motivated to discover the truth, as opposed to those that hope to achieve an agenda. I suspect your education in this arena has come only from the latter.


  • Company

    Yep love the debate! Hippy mirage is always going to be sitting there somewhere in the middle of the rational sentiment.

    Twitter rules! Love the sound of the ice cream truck and sometimes I believe we create to much BS simply to keep our minds from discovering stillness.

  • Aronski

    “Wait for me! Wait for me!” -George Leroy Tirebiter

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