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Company: Talk Digger
Launched: July 29, 2005

What is it?

TalkDigger queries major blog (and other) search engines on a given URL and returns total number of links in to the site as well as other data. Clicking on the total link number takes you to the selected search engine results.

“There are 3 specifics things that will appear when you dig for a link:

1. Result. This is the number of links to that URL. If you click on that blue number, you will be redirected to the result page of the search engine and be able to know who links to you
2. Trend. This is an arrow that will shows you if the number of results for that search is higher, lower or the same as the previous one. This is really effective when you wake up the morning and that you need to instantly see if someone as talked about your blog during the night
3. 7 last digs trend graph. This is a graph that shows you the evolution of the results returned by the search engines in the last 7 search requests”


It’s a useful tool for doing ego searches as well as for generally comparing the search sites on total number of links in their respective indexes for any given query. Nice tool.

(via Scoble, Steve Rubel and Blog Herald)

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