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We are having our next TechCrunch party in Atherton this Friday (October 21) afternoon and evening. Sign up here. Our last meetup drew about 100 entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, bloggers and beer drinkers, and I am hoping this one will draw at least that number.

We are changing to a socialtext wiki and it will be up later today along with a confirmation post. Please email us now if you would like to demo your product. We have 8 slots.

We are also taking up to two additional corporate sponsors – this allows us to keep this event free. Email us if you are interested. Package includes right to put up a banner, a toast/speech of up to 2 minutes and your logo on an event tshirt. Plus the happiness of knowing that people will love you and your company. :-)

UPDATE: This is 100% on. Wiki with information and signup area is here. We need two additional sponsors to the two we have already. If you want your logo on the tshirts (free to everyone), we need to get confirmation of sponsorship by end of day today. Sorry for the complete lack of notice. The cost is $250 and will defray tshirt and catering costs.

UPDATE #2: Sponsors include Simply Hired, Flock and Goowy. THANK YOU very much. One spot left. I need help with tshirt logistics (company, timing, etc.).

  • Jeff O'Hara

    Can’t wait to here your plans for MicroBlogging camp. I may fly in from Chicago for it.

  • Jeff McNeill

    So… when are you going to start using the defacto @ standard? Hmmm?

  • Eric Woodward

    Yeah, I also am very interested in attending the camp. Can’t wait to hear the details.

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  • Steve Gillmor


    It’s not a defacto standard, and hopefully won’t get there. Track eats @

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  • Jason Bogovich

    Finally, the beginning of the real communication highway. I only hope it will eliminate a lot of the overlap we see in communications some day. We can only hope that it will expand to a loosely coupled ability to use voice tweets, video, and anything else in a coherent fashion.

    I have always thought of Twitter as to the communication highway as Arpnet or its children were to the information highway. Good luck, perhaps we won’t see so many people with annoying Friend feed messages in Twitter. It’s like calling a speaker phone with another speaker phone next to it which is connected to the person to whom you are speaking.

  • Bear
  • Richard Carter (gruts)

    “address each micro-object in the Twitter universe directly”… Is this the same chap who assured us that links are dead?

  • Cem Basman

    There will be a Microblogging Conference (MBC09) in Hamburg, Germany in the end of January 2009. The reaction in the crowd is huge. Here is the first blogpost in my blog: … Evan from identica will probably attend. Are you coming too, Steve? :-)

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