Goowy adds Calendar and Other Features

Goowy is a browser based desktop tool built on Flash. See our August 17, 2005 profile of Goowy for additional information.

Until recently, Goowy’s main draw (other than it is extremely fast) was a very nice email application. Goowy also allows access of your regular email account in the Goowy UI via pop.

New Features

Goowy has launched new applications on their flash platform.

The two key new beta products are a calendar and a basic RSS reader. The calendar application is tightly connected to email, and the feature base is as good as most ajax calendars we’ve reviewed. With these additions the suite of products is now becoming much more useful.

In the near future Goowy will also be creating a virtual file storage product and allowing email pop into and out of Goowy. Virtual file storage will have an optional desktop application allowing for simple drag and drop access of files into Goowy.

They’ve also made the strategic decision to open their API to developers for the creation of new desktop widgets.


Pop email access (in and out), email and file storage beyond 100 mb to the 2 gb range and other Goowy premium products will be priced at around $20 per year. The core products will remain free