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Company: Goowy
Founded: August 2004
Launched: April 2005
Location: San Diego


Goowy has rebuilt a number of commonly used applicatons (like email) in Flash. It includes traditional web services such as email, contacts, calendar, games and widgets. Goowy is highly interactive and, as you’d expect with a flash application – fast. Visually it is a very beautiful site as well, and I wasted a good amount of time today playing around with the applications (including some very addictive games).

Goowy is one of the first full featured internet applications that uses Flash 8. For more detail, see Mike Schleifstein‘s post on Goowy, although I disagree with some of the conclusions in this post – Ajax, xforms and other technologies are gunning for some of these same applications right now.

Flash-heavy sites are, however, currently quite trendy, and Goowy seems to be one of the best implementations. While flash can be heavy work for some simple stuff, Macromedia’s current efforts with Flex (as Mark Birbeck tells me) will make Flash a lot easier by using a high-level language on the server.

Once you’ve registered for the service, a virtual desktop appears that allows you to access the various applications. The email application is excellent. You are assigned a goowy address (ours is, and it also allows users to POP into Goowy from other accounts. Alex Bard, Goowy’s CEO, tells me that they are expanding email capabilities in the near future.

Alex also tells me that Macromedia has been very supportive of Goowy, which explains how they have grown to 30,000 users with virtually no marketing:

Macromedia has been a great partner to us. They have supported us in both marketing and development. We have been mentioned in several Macromedia press releases including the most recent Studio 8 release. In addition we have been their site of the day several times (most recently on Aug 9th). In addition we are working with them on more awareness / marketing initiatives in the near future which are very exciting.

Alex also wrote to me about upcoming features:

We have some very exciting functionality in our development lab right now. In the next 30 days we are releasing an advanced calendar and some other “fun” features. In addition we have virtual desktop storage, wireless integration, video streaming, widgets, open APIs, and more in development. It is going to be an exciting time for goowy over the next 6 months.

Goowy’s business model includes advertising and, later, premium subscription pricing and licensing of the platform. They have 8 employees.


Alex Bard – CEO
Gary Benitt – COO
Jeremy Suriel – CTO / Chief Architect
Sashi Bommakanty – VP Product Development

Additional Links:

Javed Mandary (interview with Alex Bard), Oman3D, Psychopalaestra

  • Eric Willis

    Wow. This certainly came out of nowhere. Everything “seemed” to be roses at VMWare.

  • Robin Wauters

    There was something in the air before the US woke up:

    Our take on Diane Greene’s departure:

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    @Eric: I think this is just the beginning. That PE still looks really high to me, esp considering that they arent in their own market alone anymore

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    Thanks Robin

    I can’t help but think if EMC were really smart they would have capitalized a lot more on the frothy stock price – which they must have kown was over-valued. Surprised they didn’t offload more of VMWare – would have solved the control issues in the short-term as well

  • Steven Wagner

    Very surprising considering The Economist just did a love fest article about her this week.

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    Steve: Arrington read that a couple of days ago and told me it was a big puff piece, which he spotted even though he didn’t know a lot about the market. Need to read it myself

  • Robin Wauters


    Hmmm, the stock may have been overvalued significantly, but the technology VMware boasts certainly isn’t: it’s simply the best piece of virtualization technology around right now, period. It faces stiff competition business-wise (from Microsoft, Xen and KVM in particular), but not technology-wise (yet).

    EMC knew what it was getting into, it was a part financial/part technology buy from their part, but obviously they’re learning that their 86% stake punishes them as well when VMware financials go awry, or the CEO leaves for whatever reason.

    I’m particularly wondering what EMC will do know: try and stabilize the situation, spin-off VMware completely or sell a chunk of their share?

  • VMWare Drops 25% Of Market Cap

    […] in virtualization provider VMWare today dropped almost 25%, as growth expectations were lowered and founding CEO Diane Greene was replaced by the board. Prior […]

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    @Robin on the tech I agree, but the market is looking at the future not today. EMC is just far too VMWare heavy for them to keep the current arrangement, they will probably sell down more and more of the company when they can and when the timing is right (ie. not soon)

  • Eric Willis


    I agree in terms of the merit of the stock price based on eps, etc…and like you said, new entries into the market like Miscrosoft’s Hyper-V and other open source solutions are going to put pricing pressure on VMWare. I was just surprised about the departure of the CEO. From all I’ve read, there just didn’t seem to be any internal problems with management. However, when it’s time to report, and numbers are coming in at the very low end of the spectrum… that can be enough to cause internal problems. But I’ll admit I have not kept a very close watch on this. Thanks for the article.

  • Eric Willis


    I’ve read that same article and a few others. I guess that is why I’m so surprised because of all the “love-fest” type of articles that have been popping up about VMWare lately. Actually, the over-exuberant articles should have been enough to raise some questions….

  • Infotron » Blog Archive » VMWare Drops 25% Of Market Cap; CEO Out

    […] in virtualization provider VMWare today dropped almost 25%, as growth expectations were lowered and founding CEO Diane Greene was replaced by the board. Prior […]

  • Don MacAskill

    Anyone could see this coming from a mile away. I think Nik is right – this is only the beginning.

    But Nik, while you mentioned Microsoft, you didn’t mention the other half of the equation. If Microsoft is the hammer, all the open-source stuff (Xen, xVM, VirtualBox, etc) are the anvil.

  • Nik Cubrilovic

    @Don: actually one thing that I forgot to mention in the next post which I intended is actually what you said there – in that it is usually Microsoft marketing money that opens the market up, but the better solutions that then slip through in the slipstream. Might not apply consumer-side but certainly does here.

  • IS2B » Blog Archive » VMWare Drops 25% Of Market Cap; CEO Out

    […] in virtualization provider VMWare today dropped almost 25%, as growth expectations were lowered and founding CEO Diane Greene was replaced by the board. Prior […]

  • VMWare Drops 25% Of Market Cap; CEO Out | t7000

    […] in virtualization provider VMWare today dropped almost 25%, as growth expectations were lowered and founding CEO Diane Greene was replaced by the board. Prior […]

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