Satish Dharmaraj

  • Redpoint Ventures: Making Money the Old Fashioned Way

    Last week we broke the news of the impressive-but-not-jawdropping $200 million acquisition of by Citrix and the stellar year of returns that Redpoint Ventures is having. What makes Redpoint’s record so unique is that the firm is having a good year despite the fact that they’re not in one of the big five: Zynga, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, 0r Groupon. Hell, let’s… Read More

  • Satish Dharmaraj on Businesses in Asia and Local Search's Future

    Ask a VC: Satish Dharmaraj on India, the Beauty of Fragmentation and Farmers Markets (TCTV)

    I have a dilemma with Ask a VC. Generally, I’m trying to do shows that are under 10 minutes, so they’re more consumable. But in the case of Ask a VC, I want to get to as many reader questions as possible and would rather not cut someone off when they are giving you business advice. So starting this week we’re going to post the whole show as usual below, and give you links to… Read More

  • Ask a VC: Welcome Back to the Hot Seat, Satish Dharmaraj

    Ask a VC: Welcome Back to the Hot Seat, Satish Dharmaraj

    We had a last minute cancellation on Ask a VC this week, so filling in is Satish Dharmaraj who was our second ever guest on the show. For those who don’t remember, Dharmaraj is a relatively new partner at Redpoint Venture Partners, after selling Zimbra to Yahoo for $350 million and Onebox, which he sold for $850 million. Not bad. Dharmaraj focuses on a lot of Redpoint’s consumer… Read More