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  • Creator Of The Power Squid, Chris Hawker, Hits The Crowdfunding Trail With Quickey

    Creator Of The Power Squid, Chris Hawker, Hits The Crowdfunding Trail With Quickey

    Long-time readers will recall one of my favorite series, The Song Of The Power Squid, a six-parter by inventor Chris Hawker. Written at the cusp of the hardware startup revolution, the story was part cautionary tale and part adventure as Hawker and his team tried to bring the Power Squid, a multi-armed extension cord, to market. Read More

  • The Mytro Project By The Numbers

    The Mytro Project By The Numbers

    As you recall, I've been writing off and on about my experience crowdfunding a kids' book. I've run the campaign for 45 days and there are now less than two days left. I raised a lot of money. I'm very happy. But now what? Read More

  • Ten Things You May Not Know About Ebook Prices

    Ten Things You May Not Know About Ebook Prices

    How much should you pay for an ebook? $9.99? $0.99? $0? And how much should you price your ebooks? I'm going to tell you what people have actually paid for their ebooks, based on some hard data from Luzme. You can set the price of your book to be anything you want; what really matters is what someone will pay for it! Read More

  • I, Spammer

    I, Spammer

    As I approach the half-way mark of my crowdfunding project, I wanted to address the thing that makes me feel the worst about this whole process: the spam. As I intimated in in my last post, moving from passive content producer to active content salesperson is hard. As someone used to fire-and-forget posting, convincing others to buy something I've built is a hard thing to do. And the best way to… Read More

  • The Crowdfunder’s Dilemma

    The Crowdfunder’s Dilemma

    My crowdfunding campaign is fully funded now and I'm preparing metrics and other measurements to help us both understand some best practices for crowdfunding. But, until then, I wanted to comment a bit on the problems facing crowdfunders when it comes to marketing and sales. I'm a writer and it's almost as if I'm naturally averse to self-promotion. That is exactly the wrong way to be. It's… Read More

  • Crowdfunding: Figure Out What Success Looks Like And Plan Backwards From There

    Crowdfunding: Figure Out What Success Looks Like And Plan Backwards From There

    This is what happened during my first crowdfunding project, which is currently sitting at 97% of its goal with two days left on the clock. Our campaign's goal was to cover the launch cost of our first product, a supercapacitor-powered portable speaker which would cost about $8000 in compliance & overhead costs. The next time I do something like this, I'm going to make a giant poster of that… Read More

  • My Long Road To Self-Publishing

    My Long Road To Self-Publishing

    After blindly supporting it for a number of years, I've decided to crowdfund my own project, a novel that I wrote for my son, and then write about the experience for you guys. Today I'd like to talk about my own experiences in publishing and why I think crowdfunding is, at the very least, a viable alternative to the traditional models. Be warned: this is a little introspective and I'm writing it… Read More

  • Why I’m Crowdfunding My Book

    Why I’m Crowdfunding My Book

    I like to write. A lot. I write a lot for TC, and then when I'm done here, I like to write non-fiction, and most recently, fiction. I just finished a novel - and "finished" is a very loaded term when it comes to writing, but let's say I've completed the story - and now I'm crowdfunding it. I'm going to write about my experience here on TC because I've been an avid supporter of both crowdfunding… Read More