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    Montblanc Takes Google To Court To Obtain Identity Of, And Sue, Counterfeit Advertisers

    Montblanc Takes Google To Court To Obtain Identity Of, And Sue, Counterfeit Advertisers

    Google has been going to great lengths to keep advertisers who sell counterfeit goods online out of its AdWords program, but as far as Montblanc, the Germany-based maker of ‘writing instruments’, watches, jewelry and whatnot, is concerned, they ought to be doing more. Montblanc-Simplo GmbH, as the holding is called, is taking Google to court in an effort to obtain the identity of… Read More

  • Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Automatic Watch Review

    I know there is a lot of talk on the “manufacture” movement. In fact, a recent panel discussion I had with fellow watch expert journalists allowed me to realize that there is no strict definition of “watch manufacture” or “manufacture movement.” This definitional ambiguity hurts my ability to explain things properly, but let it be said that Montblanc makes… Read More

  • A Visit To the Montblanc Factory

    Our buddy Ariel visited the Montblanc plant where they make some of the nicest – and most ridiculous – pens in the world. These things are apparently handmade from stem to stern, allowing the ostentatious and foolish to brandish writing instruments that cost more than vials of natural pituitary gland extract. Ariel is obviously much kinder to the whole operation than I am and… Read More

  • It's more than meets the eye with the Montblanc TimeWriter 1 Metamorphosis

    Montblanc is a pen company. They do watches as an aside, some sort of weird cross-marketing thing that presumably they’ll use to convince watch lovers to go and pick up some pens. However, they have truly outdone themselves with the TimeWriter 1 Metamorphosis. Ariel at ABlogtoRead found the full details on this watch but, in short, when you pull down a lever the entire face changes. Read More