• Microsoft Confirms Interactive Supercomputing Acquisition, Shuts Down Star-P

    peHUB yesterday caught wind of Microsoft’s supposed acquisition of Interactive Supercomputing, a company specialized in bringing the power of parallel computing to desktops, but was declined an official comment to the news following a request for confirmation. Redmond has this morning officially announced the acquisition by means of a blog post on the Windows Server Division Weblog and… Read More

  • Unpatched PCs put in compromising situation in under four minutes

    According to researchers at the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC), an unpatched PC will last in the wilds of the Web less than four minutes before being attacked and compromised. That’s faster than most people can run a mile, and as ISC’s Survival Time sitepoints out, faster than it takes to download most patches. The ISC has an interactive graph showing the rise and recent plummet… Read More