• Anti-Spore Web site calls the game an attack on Christianity for teaching evolution

    I’m starting to think this anti-Spore site is merely a prank. It’s worded too perfectly to be On The Real™. Right, so even though Spore has been favorably reviewed (despite the DRM uproar), a pious Christian is taking the game to task for promoting “biggest attack on Christian values to date.” Ok, terrific! The site, faithfully titled Anti-Spore, slams Will… Read More

  • New site contains complete works of Charles Darwin

    Cambridge University Library has just set up a web site containing something like 20,000 notes and 90,000 images from Charles Darwin’s research. Darwin, as you may recall, is most famous for his theories on natural selection and his book “On the Origin of Species”  was on the New York Times best seller list for years until it was knocked off by Dr. Laura’s… Read More