• A Microscope-Inspired Extruder Design Could Add Fine Detail To 3D Prints

    A Microscope-Inspired Extruder Design Could Add Fine Detail To 3D Prints

    If you’ve ever used a microscope you’ll recognize the C.E.M. Crown Extruder. This specially designed head, the brainchild of German engineer Cem Schnitzler, can twist to bring hot filament in contact with multiple styles of printing head, allowing you to lay down different diameters of 3D-printed plastic. A system of motors and pulleys controls the head position and can turn to… Read More

  • The Binary Low Table Looks Like A Borg Starship

    Rather than throwing a bunch of toxic, sharp computer parts into the landfill, BRC designs did what any green design firm would do: make a coffee table. The frame of the table was made from the computer towers, bent to form the basic structure. From there, computer parts were placed one-by-one onto the structure until completely covered. Read More

  • Welcome to the new CrunchGear

    You’ll notice that we’ve changed things up a little over here at CG central. The new design allows us to feature more posts during the day and ensure you don’t have to lose your place on the site. All of the extraneous scripts have been sloughed off like the skin of a snake and I think the new design makes things easier and funnerer to read. What do you guys think? Drop us a… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Threadless will make you famous, maybe get you some action

    The Beginning I know there are tons of tee shirt printing sites out there, but I like Threadless. It’s a tight knit community that lets you submit your designs and when those designs are picked up you’ll make a loot of cash. It’s nice a outlet that lets you stay indoors rather than standing on the sidewalk in the dead of winter trying to earn a few extra bucks. The designs… Read More