• Daniel Casner on Anybots and Virtual Conferencing

    Anybots Names Former Cisco Exec David Rogan CEO, Company Enters Into ‘Rebuild Mode’

    It’s a time of transition for Anybots, the 11-year-old Silicon Valley company which makes remote-controlled robots that are meant to serve as “mobile telepresence systems.” Trevor Blackwell, who served as Anybots’ CEO since he founded the company way back in May 2001 and is also a partner at famed startup incubator Y Combinator, has been replaced in the CEO role by… Read More

  • Lasers Engaged: Anybots Are Now Shipping

    Lasers Engaged: Anybots Are Now Shipping

    Start your laser beams, it’s time to turn into a robot. No, seriously. After years of development Anybots, the startup that builds remote-controlled roving robots, is shipping its first devices to consumers. Customers who pre-ordered their robots will start getting their orders this week, and Anybots will begin filling orders placed today in March. If you haven’t heard of or seen… Read More

  • Finally, An Arrington We Can Stand. An Arrington We Can Unplug

    Finally, An Arrington We Can Stand. An Arrington We Can Unplug

    Okay, the future is officially here. A few days ago, the team from Mountain View-based startup Anybots swung by TechCrunch headquarters to deliver a special new addition to our office: Anybots robot model QB, which stands around five feet tall and can zip around the office at 3.5 miles per hour on a pair of sturdy wheels. It looks like a cross between a Segway and E.T., with some optical… Read More