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  • Incubating Change to Immigration Law with the Startup Visa Movement

    Anyone familiar with internet startup culture knows how little capital it takes to start a tech company these days. With hardware and software costs practically nonexistent for most new companies, the main determinant of whether a promising startup will get underway and off the ground lies with the founders’ circumstances, namely whether they can pay off their personal bills from… Read More

  • Seedcamp Founder Saul Klein Talks European Entrepreneurship, Spotify and the Real-Time Web

    It’s been a big week for European entrepreneurship, what with 20+ startups emerging at Seedcamp and Dopplr getting picked up by Nokia (or does it just feel that way since I’m here with GeeksOnAPlane for the first time in four years?). In any case, Seedcamp’s six winners were announced earlier today. If you’re not familiar with Seedcamp, it’s a startup mentorship… Read More

  • GeeksOnAPlane Gets Political in DC

    It would seem that tech startup culture – which extols the virtues of agility, cost-efficiency and risk-taking – should make strange bedfellow with the staid, inefficient, and downright corporate practice of federal governance that’s conducted from within the Beltway everyday. Many in the Valley also presume that their startup ecosystem would be best off if left alone by… Read More

  • GeeksOnAPlane Jumps The Pond; But First, A Layover in DC

    This past June I had the privilege of traveling to East Asia with a group of techies on a trip dubbed GeeksOnAPlane. The experience was a quick-and-dirty way to familiarize myself with the tech industries of Japan and China, since we were herded through back-to-back conferences and networking events meant to give us primers on a number of sectors such as web, mobile, and gaming (you can read… Read More

  • Leave It To Chinese Quarantine To Reinforce The Value Of Social Media

    After a whirlwind tour of East Asia with GeeksOnAPlane (see my assessment posts for China and Japan here and here), I’m back in the states and almost fully recovered from a potent bout of jet lag. I’m not complaining, however, since several other members of our group came down with a nasty stomach flu on the return flight. And one member, Mike Su of Break Media, actually got picked… Read More

  • GeeksOnAPlane Briefing On The Chinese Tech Industry At Startonomics Beijing

    This past Thursday, the GeeksOnAPlane group of traveling techies had the opportunity to attend Startonomics Beijing and learn about broad swaths of the Chinese web industry. The speakers, who represented companies such as Google China, Kong Zhong, Five Minutes and ChinaNetCloud, discussed topics such as gaming, social networking, network infrastructure and internet cafes. Overall, we were… Read More

  • GeeksOnAPlane: Learnings From Tokyo

    Over the last two and a half days – the short window of time within which the GeeksOnAPlane group has been staying in Tokyo – I’ve attended two industry events (Tokyo 2.0 and Startonomics Japan) and talked with those who live or do business here about how web technology in Japan differs from that in the US. And while this is enough time to gain only a superficial amount… Read More

  • Live From Startonomics Tokyo

    After attending a great Tokyo 2.0 event last night (more to come about that later), the GeeksOnAPlane group is now at Startonomics Tokyo, where we’ll be hearing about a broad range of topics pertaining to Japanese tech throughout the day. Join us below as we watch the presentations. Read More

  • Asia-Bound With GeeksOnAPlane

    It’s been over three months since I wrote anything here on TechCrunch, but over the next 10 days or so you’ll be hearing more from me as I travel with a group of 32 techies through East Asia as part of GeeksOnAPlane, a field trip of sorts organized by Dave McClure intended to open our Western eyes to how the technology industry works in Japan and China. The web as experienced by… Read More

  • Ginx Helps You Find And Follow The Experts on Twitter

    Ginx, the third-party interface for Twitter that makes it easier to share news with friends, has added a new feature that organizes experts into groups so you follow their ongoing commentary on your favorite topics. Each group on Ginx is created and administered by a single owner who determines who the experts are in a particular field or category. For example, here’s a group of… Read More

  • Scout Labs Brand Tracker Now Generally Available

    The internet is full of all sorts of chatter. And some of that chatter might actually be about your brand. Wouldn’t you like to filter out the noise and hear what people are saying about it? Enter Scout Labs, a SaaS dashboard that makes it easy to keep track of what people across the internet are saying about particular topics. The product, which we first reviewed in December 2007… Read More

  • Half The Charges Against The Pirate Bay Dropped, But The Circus Ain't Over Yet

    Today was the second day in the trial brought against popular torrent site The Pirate Bay by a phalanx of media companies formed by Universal, Warner Brothers, MGM, EMI, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, and Sony BMG. So far the trial has amounted to a circus wherein the plaintiffs have struggled to make their case. According to them, The Pirate Bay has profitably caused over $13 million… Read More

  • TechStars Fills Void Left By Y Combinator With New Incubator In Boston

    Boulder, Colorado-based startup incubator TechStars has decided to open a second office in Boston where it will run a concurrent mentorship program starting this summer. The Boston program – which will probably be located in Cambridge – will accept the same number of companies (10) as the Boulder program, effectively doubling the number of TechStars companies admitted each year. Read More

  • Dawdle Invites Game Resellers To Set Up Shop

    Dawdle, an online market for resold games, consoles and accessories, relaunched this past Fall as a niche eBay competitor of sorts. It’s a place where gamers can get some money back on their old supplies, albeit not through auctions but a straightforward price listing and “buy it now” process. After amassing a collection of about 5,000 unique items for sale across the site… Read More

  • Nvidia Plans To Power $99 Mobile Internet Devices

    Nvidia has announced that it plans to power $99 mobile internet devices with its Tegra 600 series chips, perhaps as early as this summer. What’s a mobile internet device (MID)? Well, it’s a gadget that fits somewhere in between a smartphone and a netbook. It’s compact and internet-enabled, but it can’t quite fit in your pocket or make phone calls. It’s… Read More

  • MTV Pulls The Plug On Embeddable Videos [Update]

    When NBC Universal and News Corporation-backed Hulu launched in Fall 2007, it was a signal that old television media might actually grasp the distributive power of the internet. Not only were great programs made available for free as streaming videos, users could grab and embed them anywhere online – in their entirety or just as clips. So it’s a bit of a shame to see another… Read More

  • Twitter Raises $35 Million Series C From Benchmark and IVP

    Update: We just got off the phone with IVP partner Todd Chaffee who says this round was actually in excess of $35 million. Apparently, $35 million is just the total of what Benchmark and IVP put in ($21 million and $14 million respectively), while the additional amount put in by Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital is still unknown. According to Chaffee, “Everybody wanted to protect… Read More

  • Ning's Doing Just Fine Without The Porn

    At the beginning of last December, Ning reversed course on its anything-legal-goes policy by declaring a prohibition on adult social networks. The reason? Porn wasn’t paying the bills; instead of attracting advertisers, it was scaring them away. Legal adult content was also begetting illegal content, which drew the ire of both authorities and lawyers with DMCA notices in hand. Given… Read More

  • Looks Like Facebook Just Took The Top Spot Among Social Media Sites

    This past December we reported on how Facebook was coming up on Blogger to steal its top spot among social media sites when measured by total unique visitors worldwide. Now, it appears as though Facebook has finally done it. Data from comScore, which unfortunately goes only through December 2008, shows how Facebook’s visitors (221 million) basically matched Blogger’s (225.5 million)… Read More

  • Nightlife Application Breaks Away From Facebook, Tries To Stand On Its Own Two Feet

    The Scene, a new social network geared towards improving your nightlife, is making its public debut at the Twiistup 5 event in Santa Monica, CA today. After three months in beta, the company is announcing the seed round of funding it raised from Velocity Interactive Group and angel investor Marko Babic. An iPhone application (for when you’re stumbling around the streets at 1:00am looking… Read More

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