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Steve Gillmor
Steve Gillmor is a technology commentator, editor, and producer in the enterprise technology space. He is Head of Technical Media Strategy at and a TechCrunch contributing editor. Gillmor previously worked with leading musical artists including Paul Butterfield, David Sanborn, and members of The Band after an early career as a record producer and filmmaker with Columbia Records' Firesign Theatre. As personal computers emerged in video and music production tools, Gillmor started contributing to various publications, most notably Byte Magazine, where he was a lead reviewer of development and collaborative platform systems including Visual Basic, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office, and Windows NT. Subsequently, Gillmor served as a contributing editor at InformationWeek Labs, before joining Fawcette Technical Publications first as Senior Editor and later as Editor in Chief of Enterprise Development Magazine, and then Editor in Chief and Editorial Director of XML and Java Pro Magazines. Gillmor joined InfoWorld Magazine as Test Center Director and back-page columnist. He also served as Editor of's Messaging & Collaboration Center and OpEd columnist of eWeek's print publication. As blogging emerged, he wrote the first blogs for Ziff Davis Media, CMP's CRN, and CNet's ZDNet, where he remains a contributing editor. A podcasting pioneer, he developed and hosted the seminal Gillmor Gang podcast with industry notables including Jon Udell, Dan Farber, Mike Arrington, Jason Calacanis, Michael Vizard, Doc Searls and others as regulars. Gillmor has also championed development of industry standards, most notably his role as co-creator of the attention.xml specification and co-founder of the Attention Trust, a non-profit organization to protect user data rights. CrunchBase profile →

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  • XM and Sirius Finally Merging; Will it Matter for Long?

    XM and Sirius have confirmed their merger plans. The companies have a combined 14 million subscribers. The merger depends on shareholders’ consent, as well as approval by antitrust agencies and the FCC. I can’t imagine there’ll be a hold-up on this — despite the creation of a “monopoly” on satellite radio programming. As wifi starts to heat up (and… Read More

  • Amazon Funds Fantasy Movies League

    Atomic Moguls has reportedly raised nearly $1 million in first-round funding from VC firm Second Avenue Partners and Atomic Moguls has launched, which is essentially a fantasy league for movies. You can draft movies and earn points based on how well they do at the box office, number of weeks in the top 5, per-theater average, and their IMDb review score (IMDb… Read More

  • The Web 2.0 We Weave Neat video by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Kansas State University. The video presents a broad overview of the difference between 10+ years ago on the web and the social web of today (“Web 2.0″) — focusing on how HTML was used for defining structure and stylistic characteristics (“form”), whereas XML… Read More

  • Simple Web 2.0 Traffic Trends Tracker

    The folks over at eSnips have created a simple website for tracking “Web 2.0″ traffic trends. The website uses Alexa data. I’d love to see someone create a similar website that ranks these Web 2.0 websites (or rather, these ones) by using various other measurements, such as # of backlinks in Technorati and # of mentions on blogs indexed by Technorati. Editor’s Note… Read More

  • Amazon Partners With Tivo; Steals Walmart's Thunder

    On the same day that Walmart launched a competing movie download service and then fell flat on their face over simple browser compatibility issues, Amazon announced an incredibly cool, long rumored new partnership with Tivo. After several months of rumors, Amazon and TiVo have partnered to make Amazon Unbox content available from user PCs to their broadband-connected TiVo units. The… Read More

  • Apple Openly Supports Death of DRM

    Steve Jobs has stepped up to the plate and written an open letter to the music industry in the fight against DRM. We wrote our thoughts on the eventual demise of DRM just last month. Bill Gates gave his own thoughts on DRM back in December. Despite Apple’s near monopoly on legal digital music sales, he discusses how they got to where they are now with DRM and options moving forward. Read More

  • launches independent

    In a quirky move, has launched their own independent shoe and handbag niche website, Shoes and handbags will still be available on Amazon. Endless really hides the fact that Amazon owns them — you have to dig into their ‘About Us‘ page, and even then you won’t see’s logo. offers an API that allows etailers/developers… Read More

  • Merry Microsoft Christmas, Oracle and IBM!

    Microsoft’s latest operating system, Vista, which went on sale to corporate customers November 30 — can not run the latest version of Microsoft’s corporate database product, MS SQL Server. Microsoft is working on a SQL Server upgrade (SQL Server 2005 Express Service Pack 2), but it’s in beta and available for testing purposes only. Last month I commented on the lack… Read More

  • Google Starts Selling Domains For $10 Per Year

    Google has entered the domain business with partners GoDaddy and eNom. An already crowded industry, Google has begun allowing people to register ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.biz’, and ‘.info’ Web site addresses. Web sites that register their domains directly with Google for $10/year will automatically be setup to use Google Apps for Your Domain, which… Read More

  • MyBlogLog adds MySpace support

    As 2006 closes in, my favorite web service of the year is MyBlogLog. Despite Yahoo! acquisition rumors a few weeks ago, the company is still privately-held. If I were in the web M&A business, they’d top my list along with music social networking service MyBlogLog has built the next generation social networking service. If Friendster/MySpace/etc are v1.0 of social… Read More

  • Online Job Hunt 10 Years Later – Still Sucks

    NYC-based, a niche search engine, has announced a partnership to power Mamma Careers. I’ll be the first to admit, this specific instance isn’t big news, but they are on a partnering spree, alongside their primary competitor, SimplyHired. SimplyHired powers MySpace Jobs, as well as LinkedIn Jobs (to name a couple). Both Indeed and SimplyHired are securing as many… Read More

  • Lack of Internal Talks at Microsoft, Google

    Maybe my “Microsoft’s Entertainment Domination” theory was a bit premature. Apparently, the Zune MP3 player isn’t flying off shelves and now it turns out that the Zune is incompatible with Microsoft’s latest Windows Vista operating system. Amazing how a disconnect like this can occur within an organization. Software start-ups are taking advantage of the… Read More

  • Microsoft's Entertainment Domination Plan

    Forget the fact that Microsoft is being overshadowed by Google and that Google is looking like the 800lb gorilla beating down Microsoft. Microsoft has other plans they’ve been working on — plans that have been really coming together the past few weeks and that quite frankly, I’m sitting here in amazement. Earlier this week, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 division announced… Read More

  • No plans? Meet New People via Activities

    No plans this week? Or, ever found yourself with an extra ticket to a concert or sporting event, but didn’t have anyone to go with? In the past, your solution was wading through Craigslist postings or calling all your friends. Well now there are two web-based services that allow you to find others to do things with — Who’s Going and MatchActivity. Who’s Going is the… Read More

  • officially Google'd

    Google Accounts were integrated into — a company Google acquired back in May 2005 that allows users with cell phones to notify their friends via text messages (SMS) as to what bar or restaurant they currently are at (and thus where their friends can meet them for a drink). Earlier this week, Google Mobile, which is Google’s search engine for cell phones, revealed… Read More

  • Microsoft and Yahoo Prepare to Battle Google

    Google’s momentum was echoed publicly by both Microsoft and Yahoo today. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, stated that Google is making it difficult for them to recruit top talent. Also, in a move to likely earmark more dollars towards acquisitions, Microsoft increased their research and development budget for 2007 to $7.5 billion, which is $1.3 billion more than they stated in May. Update… Read More

  • Universal Music files suit against Grouper,

    On the day of the Google/YouTube acquisition, YouTube announced a licensing deal with Universal Music. Apparently, Grouper and didn’t get the memo. Universal Music has come out swinging in their first online video-related lawsuit against two of the lesser-known online video sharing websites, and Sony’s recent acquisition, Grouper. The lawsuit takes aim at the… Read More

  • LinkedIn Expanding Model to Service Recommendations

    LinkedIn, a social networking website primarily focused on business connections has added a section to their site that allows users to recommend service providers — a yellow pages based on user referrals. From web designers to doctors, users rate service providers in a thumbs up, thumbs down voting system similar to Digg. LinkedIn has continued to gain members, increasing membership to… Read More

  • MySpace Makes Subtle Shifts to Emphasize Video

    We wrote earlier about News Corp’s unease with the Google-YouTube acquisition. For the last few weeks News Corp has been engaging in a one-sided PR war with YouTube – from News Corp. COO Peter Chernin’s recent comments that 60-70% of YouTube traffic comes from MySpace (YouTube says this is incorrect and that MySpace only refers about 5% of total video traffic to YouTube) to… Read More