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Steve Gillmor is a technology commentator, editor, and producer in the enterprise technology space. He is Head of Technical Media Strategy at and a TechCrunch contributing editor.

Gillmor previously worked with leading musical artists including Paul Butterfield, David Sanborn, and members of The Band after an early career as a record producer and filmmaker with Columbia Records’ Firesign Theatre. As personal computers emerged in video and music production tools, Gillmor started contributing to various publications, most notably Byte Magazine, where he was a lead reviewer of development and collaborative platform systems including Visual Basic, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office, and Windows NT. Subsequently, Gillmor served as a contributing editor at InformationWeek Labs, before joining Fawcette Technical Publications first as Senior Editor and later as Editor in Chief of Enterprise Development Magazine, and then Editor in Chief and Editorial Director of XML and Java Pro Magazines.

Gillmor joined InfoWorld Magazine as Test Center Director and back-page columnist. He also served as Editor of’s Messaging & Collaboration Center and OpEd columnist of eWeek’s print publication. As blogging emerged, he wrote the first blogs for Ziff Davis Media, CMP’s CRN, and CNet’s ZDNet, where he remains a contributing editor. A podcasting pioneer, he developed and hosted the seminal Gillmor Gang podcast with industry notables including Jon Udell, [Dan Farber](, [Mike Arrington](, [Jason Calacanis](, [Michael Vizard](, [Doc Searls]( and others as regulars. Gillmor has also championed development of industry standards, most notably his role as co-creator of the attention.xml specification and co-founder of the Attention Trust, a non-profit organization to protect user data rights.

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  • Microsoft's Treadwell and Bryant: Mesh and Office on Azure David Treadwell moves up the stack as Microsoft releases Live Framework to the developer community. With Mesh now clear as… Read More

  • Ray Ozzie on Azure, Office unchained, and Openness

    Three years to the day from his corner-turn memo about changing Microsoft’s direction from software to software plus services and after two days of keynotes, Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie reviewed the launch of the Windows Azure cloud OS and forthcoming online versions of the Office suite. Ozzie: It’s fun that it’s all coming together. It was Mary Jo… Read More

  • Ozzie, Muglia, and Srivastava on Windows Azure: Video

    Ray Ozzie, Bob Muglia, and Amitabh Srivastava participated in an informal blogger roundtable this afternoon at Microsoft’s Professional Developer conference. Although the morning keynote focused on Windows Azure’s infrastructure, Ozzie delved briefly into some of tomorrow’s announcements, implying that there might be surprises in the area of Office applications deployed on top… Read More

  • Microsoft offers cloud computing a hearty handclasp

    Microsoft and Ray Ozzie cracked the door half open this morning on Windows Azure, the infrastructure formerly known as Windows Cloud. In the process, Ozzie served notice that IT will remain in the Windows/Office grip but with an abstraction layer that blurs the on-premise and on-demand worlds. The outlines of Live Mesh’s role as arbiter of this abstraction were there to be inferred, but… Read More

  • A Day in Our Life

    There’s a quickening in the air as some big players come to the table with broad initiatives. Last night at Neil Young’s Bridge concert, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff came back from a trip to Young’s dressing room and murmured something to the effect that something amazing was about to happen. He was right: Young’s set climaxed with a stunning version of the Beatles’… Read More

  • Realtime wars pick up speed

    Thursday night Twitter engineer Alex Payne finally acknowledged the obvious regarding the firehose – the full stream of data sought after by third-party developers to add back the long-withheld Track service. Twitter executives have been all over the map on this, sending developers on a wild goose chase to obtain access to the XMPP stream that the company has failed to provide since… Read More

  • Friendfeed: The Little Engine that Could

    Update: Friendfeed today released support for its Beta Real-Time feature. The API adds the ability to fetch realtime streams based on the Home, Room, and Friends List updates as they occur. While Friends Lists offer a way to port social graph data of your Twitter Follows to the Friendfeed platform, co-founder Bret Taylor said that was not yet available through the API “though we should… Read More

  • FriendFeed to add Realtime APIs next week

       Standard Podcast: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Twitter appears to have an unassailable lead in users and their resultant Follow clouds. Though Track is dead and IM is postponed indefinitely, the service has added a political track page with a company-selected keyword cluster around the political race. The result: a rapid flow of unmoderated comments with no social graph… Read More

  • Sonoa appliance knits APIs and Cloud together

    Enterprise IT looks at the emergence of cloud computing with mixed emotions. On the one hand, financial tough times breed layoffs, consolidation, and outsourcing away from IT’s control. On the other, a new breed of cloud-aware managers look to rationalize the metrics, security, and regulation challenges a distributed model brings. In the middle are companies such as Sonoa Systems, who… Read More

  • Continuous Partial Innovation

    This week’s activity in the tech sector seems guided by the rest of the economy, as the world holds its collective breath while waiting for the other, or any, shoe to drop. The presidential race seems to have stabilized with a significant if not conclusive lead for Obama. Apple announced refreshes of its laptop line, Microsoft sold off its Silverlight 2.0 news in advance of the PDC… Read More

  • Twitter to IM: Drop Dead

    It took a worldwide financial meltdown for Twitter to finally cough up the IM hairball. At BearHug Camp, I spent about 10 of the 30 minute executive visitation trying to pin down Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Alex Payne on when exactly Track and IM would be back, and in what order. Turns out the IM part isn’t coming back; it’s been moved from Broken to Build. Evan Williams delivers… Read More

  • The DVR battle for control of the Web

    The stakes for control of the world economy have never been higher, and looking realistically at the prospects for technology pulling us out of the morass is Job One. Watching the market swan dive each day as it approaches the closing bell can be unnerving, but it says little about the fundamentals of the economy, or what can be done about it. If the tech bubble was the demo of what… Read More

  • Hey kids – get off of my lawn

    Back at the end of July, Microsoftee Dare Obasanjo attacked the Open Web Foundation for being a bunch of kids fresh out of college who hadn’t heard of IETF or other standards bodies. I dashed off a post calling on Dare to revert to his previously ecumenical ways of supporting bottom-up standards development, and to stop his partisan attacks on these Animal House attempts and their… Read More

  • Selling the Downturn: Schwartz and the Silver Lining

    As the slowdown begins to tickle the Internet economy, voices from unlikely places are grappling with the “opportunity” the possible worldwide depression presents for the tech industry. Steve Ballmer is on a barnstorming tour about Microsoft’s move into what he temporarily calls the Windows Cloud OS> IBM is busy opening 13 cloud computing centers around the world. And… Read More

  • Why IT should listen to Palin

    Whatever your political preferences, Sarah Palin’s performance in the Vice Presidential debate can be seen as a blueprint for how IT must learn to respond to the social media wave. If you haven’t noticed, every single technology vendor large and small is now shoveling great amounts of verbiage (sic) about cloud computing, its virtues, its dangers, its (lack of) change from what… Read More

  • The Homestretch

    A new micromessaging client for the iPhone suggests we are in for another rapid development cycle in the enterprise social media space. LaTwit may be a silly name, but Tom Blankenship, the developer of the program, listened to Leo Laporte’s conversation with author Evan Prodromou and saw an opportunity. Laconica servers including Prodromou’s and… Read More

  • SocialText 3.0 blends Facebook, Twitter, and the Enterprise

    SocialText 3.0 is (or will be in the near term) an enterprise mashup of Facebook, FriendFeed, enterprise microblogging, and the wiki. If you were to take any one of these constituencies – social networking, conversation aggregation, Tw*tter, or vanilla wikis and the leveraged sites the technology has produced – you might not think of SocialText as a major player or competitor with… Read More

  • Cloud + Client

    This week two giants spoke to the technology wave known as cloud computing. Larry Ellison called it a new label on what everyone is doing already. He acknowledged he was going along with it to keep his marketing and sales guys happy, but basically he called bullshit on it. Steve Ballmer talked at a deep level about intelligent caching between the cloud and the client. Over an hour of… Read More

  • The Washington Generals

    The Gphone launched in the middle of one of the most terrifying weeks in memory, and yet it somehow succeeded in sending a powerful message of change of the most opportune kind. Even as McCain threatened to scuttle the debates with Obama and Bush arranged a White House tea party to win acceptance of his lame duck plan, the Google wave of innovation continues to exceed expectations. The… Read More

  • Oracle's Slightly More OpenWorld

    Went down last evening to the Oracle installation blanketing downtown San Francisco. Every Oracle OpenWorld, the company takes over Howard Street between 3rd and 4th and bivouacs in a block-ling series of tents. The gardens surrounding Moscone Center are deployed for lunch and dinner parties, and the bars at the top of the park offer press meet and greets. This year marks the detente between… Read More