Semil Shah

Semil Shah

Semil Shah is currently working on a few project:

(1) product marketing and distribution for Swell;

(2) working in venture capital and currently an investor in Developer Auction, Paddle8, Instacart, Hashicorp, Exitround, HelloFax/HelloSign, and a few more to be announced soon;

(3) have been a long-time columnist for TechCrunch;

(4) am building Haywire Media as my blog and video forum.

Previously, He spent six (6) months in 2012 as an EIR with Javelin Venture Partners, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm investing in software startups for consumers and the enterprise, as well as in cloud technologies and infrastructure. Prior to this, he has held operational roles at Votizen and Rexly (acquired by Live Nation) and have also been an Official Columnist at TechCrunch since January 2011, where He write a weekly column on Sundays ("Iterations") and run a weekly television show on Thursdays ("In the Studio)," where he host founders, operators, and seed-stage and venture capital investors in the TechCrunch TV Studios. He has written extensively on the forces changing high-technology venture capital, how the industry is transforming, and consumer-facing and enterprise IT technologies. For more information.

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    Twitter’s Golden Egg: Location

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