Matt Kaufman

Matt Kaufman

Matt is the President of CrunchBase, the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit.

Prior to joining CrunchBase, Matt ran product development at Oodle, the company behind Facebook’s online classifieds system. QVC acquired Oodle in December 2012 to integrate modern social shopping functionality and design into QVC’s web and mobile experiences.

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    CrunchBase Unleashes The Business Graph

    When CrunchBase 2.0 was released in April, we not only launched an entirely new design and technology stack, we also declared our ambition to build the business world’s answer to Mark Zuckerberg’s “social graph” — The Business Graph. From architecting around a graph database to embracing a card-based user interface, we designed CrunchBase 2.0 to expose the web… Read More