The Logitech Harmony 300 doesn’t have a screen but it’s still a Harmony remote

The Logitech Harmony 300 might be the last Harmony remote released for a while. It seems the Logitech has refreshed nearly the entire line with the 300 being the latest. It doesn’t offer anything new per se, but rather a simple universal remote with the Harmony magic sans LCD screen. This configuration might be kosher for some setups, but be careful if you have anything more than a cable box, TV, and DVD player.

The LCD screen serves two purposes. One, it displays the AV setup’s special functions. Like when in TiVo mode, the TiVo button, thumbs up, thumbs down, and the aspect ratio. Then when switched to DVD player mode it can display the menu buttons and such. Most of these functions can be done with a dedicated button on the remote.

The second, and more important, function of the LCD screen is to display all the functions of a given device. For instance, every function the TiVo or AV receiver or DVD player can preform. This usually isn’t a big deal everyday but once in a while you’ll need to perform a certain function and this allows you to do it. But it also isn’t a big deal to keep all the device’s remotes in a drawer somewhere either.

So for $50 you get a very basic Harmony remote or you could snag a Harmony 600 on sale for a few bucks more.