Rumor: Palm Pre to launch mid-February


Treocentral poster Vyruz Reaper claims to have been given insider info on the launch date for the Palm Pre. His source, who allegedly tipped him off to the 800w, but was only 75 percent accurate told him/her that the Pre would launch as early as February 15. The rest of his post blathers on like a 6-year-old telling you about Cars so check it out after the jump and see if you can decipher it.

News on the market is palm pre will be avail 2/15. This is from the same source i got some info on for the palm 800w coming out… he was 75% accurate with his info on the 800 and its release.

Now some more info he gave me. 2/15 release, Requires a data plan but NOT a se or simply data plan. He sad thats a benefit of having a plam, not requiring you to change your plan like the iphone. No wording on price. I dont know if he knew didnt know, but he always kinda shut me up when it came to price.

“I am seeing that you do have data access available on your line, so I do not believe that it would be an issue with getting it activated on the plan. (That is a nice thing about the Palm lines is that they can go onto about any plan) So as long as you have that data pack, it soul be fine”

“That was a really great question!”

take it with a grain of salt.



Except for the fact that the FCC would have spilled the beans on it by now if it were launching next month. Nice try, dude.

Thanks for the tip, JH!