The Dark Matter of Workflows: Business Technology’s Big Opportunity

Did you know we’re only familiar with 5% of matter and energy in the universe, according to CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research? The rest is dark. The same can be said about the nature of work. Organizations only have visibility into a small percentage of the actual work taking place because the complexities surrounding it have been growing exponentially. With enormous amounts of data, systems, applications, workflows, and more floating around, leaders and employees feel the gravitational mass of work in their stress levels, yet there’s no clear unified system of record for it. The most successful startups will be the ones that seek to understand, uncover, and harness the dark matter of work now before they launch into hypergrowth mode. Andrew Filev, Founder of a leading collaborative work management platform that went from bootstrapping to billion dollar acquisition, stands by this and can discuss how he’s helping startups bring to light the dark matter of work and harness workflows for operational efficiencies.