• HTC Reportedly Has Three Windows Phone 8 Devices In The Works

    HTC Reportedly Has Three Windows Phone 8 Devices In The Works

    Man, does HTC employ some loose-lipped people or what? Less than a day after Microsoft’s big Windows Phone 8 preview event, The Verge managed to score some details on HTC’s hardware plans for Windows Phone 8. If their source’s information holds true, the Taiwanese company has plans to release a top-tier, mid-range, and an entry-level WP8 device before the year is… Read More

  • Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th Watch Hands-On

    In at least one award last year the Zenith Striking 10th was voted best watch of 2010. The cool character was on many people’s minds as it was a highlight of a reinvented brand. The irony of course was that as Zenith reinvented themselves and asked everyone to forget its recent past, they also asked people to recall Zenith’s slightly more distant past as the brand was to… Read More

  • Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback Watch Hands-On

    The first Zenith watch that had my heart was the Rainbow Flyback. Yes, it had a “pretty” name, but this killer chrono was made specially for the French Ministry of Defense, and was an amazing watch from the 1990s. By the way, what is it exactly about French military forces that makes them constantly new watches? Those guys are basically one big group of watch lovers. Read More

  • Zenith Christophe Colomb Watch Hands-On

    I am here to answer the very important question of “can you even wear this watch?” I first wrote about the Zenith Christophe Colomb watch here. This question has salience because the movement in the Christophe Colomb watch requires that there be a large spheroid in the watch that makes it looks as though it has a tumor. This non-malignant growth is actually the… Read More

  • Zenith El Primero Tourbillon Watch

    This is actually a tourbillon watch I would wear daily. Zenith’s new El Primero collection of watches is a thing of beauty. I have been eying them for a while, enjoying how they look on the wrist. They have now announced a tourbillon version of it. Now most of the time when a company takes a new collection and shoves in a tourbillon I hardly take real notice, but in this instance Zenith… Read More

  • Phonevision, the video on-demand service of yesteryear

    So you’re out and about with the Misses, enjoying a nice night on the town. Maybe doing some light shopping in the downtown area. You know, a date night. Anyway, you both decide that you wanna watch a movie when you get home. So instead of stopping at a video rental store, you just dial a number and the movie is ready when you two get home. The future starts now, in 1951, with… Read More

  • Don't buy your TV converter just yet, grandma

    Since January 1st you’ve been able to request your free $40 voucher for a digital-to-analog converter for grandma’s old CRT TV. Well, Crave is saying don’t act so fast. You still have plenty of time and market logic states that you’ll get a better converter for a lower price over the next year or so. Right now the choice is rather limited — I’ve seen a… Read More

  • Zenith El Primero Xtreme Tourbillon ZERO-G WTF

    Zenith is a well known and respected house in the world of horology. They made the first automatic chronograph and fell on hard times during the quartz crisis of the 1980s. They came back recently with some bold designs. Now, however, they apparently have been taking acid because this is one of the ugliest watches I’ve seen in a long time and probably costs more than my house. This thing… Read More

  • Zenith DTT900 converts digital TV signals to analog, extends life of older TVs

    Zenith has come out with an affordable digital-to-analog TV signal converter box, the DTT900. The box, which makes it debut at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, takes the digital TV signal that broadcasters are required to use come next year and converts them to an analog signal, useable on older TVs. The digital signal that broadcasters will have to use starting… Read More

  • What to get Grandma next year: Zenith's DTT900

    When TV goes totally digital in 2009, Grandma is going to be stuck with TVs that don’t get any of her stories. The remedy is this little DTT900 box, which will sell for about $60. This is a $20 premium over the $40 coupon households can request from the federal government and that gets you a digital-to-analog converter, remote, and build-in V-CHIP and close captioning, ensuring she… Read More

  • The Futurist: From Lucky-Goldstar to LG, or… Brands That Change With The Times

    Biggs and I were talking shop awhile back and I mentioned that it was as if, sometime in the past decade, LG and RCA had a Freaky Friday-like switcheroo. As anybody over the age of 10 likely recalls, RCA used to be an omnipresent CE brand—especially in TVs. And LG? Let’s just say those letters didn’t always stand for “Life’s Good.” Rather, the… Read More