• Zenbe Comes Out Of Beta With Social Communication Platform

    Zenbe, a social e-mail aggregator which made an impression on us when we first reviewed the service, is now out of beta and available to everyone. With Zenbe, users can import existing e-mail accounts into a single web-based inbox, and view messages by conversation or by person, or by favorite people, in views reminiscent of social networks. But Zenbe, besides sporting a beautiful interface, is… Read More

  • Zenbe: Next-Generation Webmail, With A Platform Twist

    The most publicized improvements to email in recent memory haven’t been browser-based, they’ve been extensions like Xobni and Xoopit that latch onto your existing mail client and provide auxiliary services. This tactic makes good business sense – who wants to try convincing Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and Gmail users to take a leap of faith and walk away from these BigCo solutions… Read More