• Keen On… Ze Frank: Why the Future of Play is a "Hot Thing" (TCTV)

    Ze Frank thinks that the future of play is a “hot thing.” That’s why he founded Star.me, his soon-to-be fully public startup. And that’s why he’s shifted his focus from stand-up entertainment to stand-up entrepreneurialism. But why has he gone from being one of the web’s top entertainment stars to yet another star-struck startup guy? As he told me last week… Read More

  • Keen On… Ze Frank: Why We All Need to Go Back to Kindergarten (TCTV)

    Ze Frank wants to send us all back to kindergarten. Star.me, Ze’s soon-to-be fully public startup, which raised $500,000 from star-struck investors including Gary Vaynerchuk and Ron Conway, is an attempt to reinvent the kindergarten’s star system of rewards. As Ze told me when he came into the TechCrunchTV studio earlier this week, “stars are good.” They make us human… Read More

  • Rocketboom: Almost 10X Ze Frank's Downloads

    Videoblogger Ze Frank is in what he calls a nerd fight with Rocketboom producer Andrew Baron. Frank says that Baron’s numbers are inflated and make it difficult for he and other video bloggers to sell advertisements with much lower numbers to offer. I spoke with both of them on the phone, looked at Rocketboom’s traffic logs and ran my understanding of what I saw past several… Read More