• Microsoft PubCenter Producing Strong Results Via YieldBuild Online Ad Planning Program

    Microsoft PubCenter, Microsoft’s competitor to Google’s AdSense and Yahoo’s Publisher Network, is being beta tested through ad network and layout optimization service, YieldBuild, and receiving positive results. We recently wrote about the encouraging reports we received from beta testers of PubCenter, which is a a self serve third party ad publishers platform similar to… Read More

  • YieldBuild Launches Self-Serve Ad Optimization In Public Beta

    YieldBuild, an ad optimization platform that helps users manage multiple ad networks and position advertisements on their webpages, has launched its self-service program to the public. When we last covered the company, YieldBuild was still in private beta and only sites with more than 500,000 monthly visitors were eligible to participate. Now, web publishers of any size are welcome to join… Read More

  • YieldBuild Raises $6 Million Series B For Optimizing Ads

    YieldBuild raised a $6 million series B round led by Storm Ventures. Hummer Winblad, which put in the initial $2 million when it launched as HubPages two years ago, also participated. The company is in the process of changing its name to YieldBuild, a service that was launched last October to optimize display ads. As we explained then, YieldBuild: . . . uses computer algorithms to… Read More

  • Using Pubmatic Could Land You Some Free Advertising

    Advertising has gotten a lot more complicated since the early days of the internet. There are hundreds of ad networks out there. With targeting being the name of the game, efficiently allocating your ad space to visitors is nearly impossible. In response, automated ad optimization engines have started up to help manage these advertising complexities. Using one seems like a no-brainer for… Read More

  • YieldBuild Will Try To Optimize AdSense, Pay You More

    Simply slapping AdSense on your site is one of the easiest, but not necessarily best, ways to monetize your website. There are a lot of factors that go into getting the most out of your ad units. They range from placement, color, ad network, or even time of day. Each of these factors can affect ad performance YieldBuild, a new service from the company that launched HubPages, will take a stab… Read More