• More Merger Rumors – Xuqa, Dovetail, Zooomr

    The acquisition rumor train is running at full steam. We’ve got the really small deals going through ebay (see our post yesterday rounding up the recent ones), and lots of chatter about the largest independent web sites looking for $1 – $2 billion (see Facebook and YouTube). Even Napster, a public company with $100 million in the bank, is looking for love. But there are lots of… Read More

  • Social network Xuqa's in the black

    Cynics take note, social networking and online game startup Xuqa has announced that their daily revenue has exceeded their operating costs and that they will take no more VC funding. They’ve raised $1.3 million from BV Capital and Skype investor Morten Lund; about half of that funding is left a year after launch. Xuqa is currently focused on poker and hot-or-not style modeling contests… Read More