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Microsoft’s Next Xbox Said To Shift To x86 Architecture Courtesy Of AMD System-On-A-Chip

Microsoft's next Xbox, which could get an initial unveiling as early as next month, will use an AMD system-on-a-chip according to a new Bloomberg report. The new AMD SoC will mean that Microsoft is mo

Microsoft To Sell IPTV Mediaroom Division To Ericsson, Will Refocus TV Efforts On Xbox

Microsoft announced today via its blog that it will be selling its Mediaroom properties to Ericsson, in a deal that will see Ericsson become the dominant IPTV player in the industry with over 25 perce

Xbox Special Event Planned For May, Report Claims, To Provide Details On Durango

Console wars are a complex and many-parted affair, and Sony has launched its full salvo, with all eyes now on Microsoft to see what kind of return shot they can manage. The next-generation Xbox, coden

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox May Require You To Use A Kinect

The war for your living room rages on, and Microsoft has no intention of yielding any hard-fought ground to its gaming rivals. Rumors of a new Xbox have been flying around for months now, but<a target

Next Xbox Will Reportedly Have Siri-Style Natural Language Input

One of the most-rumored features of the mythical Apple television set is Siri integration that would allow you to naturally ask questions and issue commands to your TV, but Microsoft may beat Apple to

Xbox 720 Will Reportedly Throw Lots Of Processing Power At The Video Game Console Crisis

Home video game consoles seem somewhat quaint at this point, and it's not an issue of graphics capabilities or raw power, on which scales they both still beat out mobile devices. 'More power' will lik

Purported Xbox 720 To Cost $299 With Blu-ray Support, Kinect 2 And Virtual Reality In Time For Holiday 2013

The current gen Xbox may be a year past its halfway point but a purported "leaked" document dating back to August 2010 from a Microsoft presentation details the next gen Xbox 720 in great detail.

Rumor: Halo 4 being developed by Gearbox, launch title for Xbox 720 [Update]

The OXM claims to have the inside scoop that Gearbox is working on Halo 4 that will supposedly launch alongside the next-gen Xbox, says Joystiq. If that’s the case then we won’t see it til