WWDC 2010

  • Steve Jobs makes a video call

    The future has officially arrived, ladies and gentlemen: El Steve just made a video call to Jony Ive as part of his famous “One more thing” sequence of the Apple WWDC. Read More

  • Huzzah! WWDC 2010 is happening on June 7

    Could this day get any better? The annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is happening on June 7. I suspect the iPhone HD or whatever it will be called will be there and it will be protected by robots and ninjas. Read More

  • The Return Of The Lost iPhone May Come On June 7, WWDC Day

    After all the police raids and legal musings, the next-generation iPhone that Apple engineer Gray Powell lost in a bar will likely reappear at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, which the company today announced will take place on June 7. It is widely expected that Apple will officially unveil its next iPhone, the iPhone HD or whatever it will be called, at the event. Yup… Read More