• Launch On TechCrunch, Get Bought By Google

    I still love the story of Writely, a product we wrote about way back in 2005 when TechCrunch was just a little tike. The company got a lot of attention as one of the first Ajax-powered “online Word” products. An acquisition by Google came just a few months later, and Writely formed the foundation for what is now Google Docs. Cofounder Sam Schillace is now an engineering director… Read More

  • Google's Writely released; will another sector be squashed?

    Online ajax-rich word processor Writely began accepting new accounts today after closing registration when the company was acquired by Google in March. A number of startups who used to compete with Writely will now have to challenge Google. Writely’s acquisition fueled talk of a Google Office suite of services, a vision made more real by the subsequent launch of Google Spreadsheets… Read More

  • Writely Confirms Google Acquisition

    So much for the rumor, the aquisition of Writely by Google has now been confirmed on both the Writely blog and by Google. Congratulations to the Writely team. This signals two things: a confirmation of Google’s desire to hit Microsoft hard and attack their largest revenue product, and that they will do this at least partially through acquisition rather than building the office suite… Read More

  • Google to Acquire Writely?

    Om Malik thinks Silicon Valley based Writely, an online Ajax word processor, and Google may be getting cozy. Unlike me, Om tends to really dig before posting on acquisition rumors, so this one may be for real. I’ve also been hearing endless stories of the imminent acquisiton of Writely – given the difficult business model that Writely will be forced into if they stay… Read More

  • Writely Is Kicking A**

    Writely (profiled earlier) continues to lead the pack in online ajax word products. Writely has had great features from day 1: import and export into Word format, embedded images, a wysiwyg editor, drag and drop functionality, sharing with others, and tagging of documents. They are also rolling out new features regularly and annoucing them on the Writely blog. A few features that… Read More

  • Rallypoint Offers an Ajax Word Solution

    I’m loving the ajax office solutions tonight. In addition to Jotspot Tracker, I’ve been playing around with Rallypoint, an online ajax word/wiki product. Rallypoint joins Writely, JotSpot Live, Zoho Writer and others (I lump services like Writeboard and the yet-to-be-launched Chalk in this category as well – a wysiwyg wiki and a sharable online version of word are… Read More

  • Writely – Process Words with your Browser

    Company: Writely
    Launched: August 2005
    Location: California Overview: Imagine Word, but as an ajax browser application that was free. And allowed tagging of documents. And you could set reader permissions for each document you create and allow others to edit the document, or just read it. That’s what Writely is. Brian Benzinger at Solution Watch pointed it out to me this evening during… Read More