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Robots won’t just take jobs, they’ll create them

Robots and artificial intelligence have come a long way since a Roomba entered your home to vacuum your floor and Siri gave you advice on the best Italian restaurants in your parents’ neighborhood.

How robots will reshape the U.S. economy

Few doubt that our future -- both immediate and long term -- will be heavily impacted by robots. With flashy AI technology like IBM’s Watson and Google’s driverless cars stealing headlines and out

Why TechHire needs to continue with the next U.S. president

We’re now a year into the White House’s TechHire initiative to help more Americans qualify for better, higher-paying tech jobs regardless of their pedigree. The verdict so far? TechHire has seen s

Why America Needs To Start Educating Its Workforce Again

<img src="" /> Ask any old-time IBMer, and you will hear stories of IBM’s legendary workforce-development practic