• Woo Wants To Take The Hassle And Fear Out Of Job Hunting

    Woo Wants To Take The Hassle And Fear Out Of Job Hunting

    Woo, an Israeli-U.S. company, has eschewed the LinkedIn model of scale and instead taken the approach of luring highly-sought talent who can explore potential new job opportunities without commitment and, perhaps most importantly, maintaining anonymity. Read More

  • This $650 Board Is For Audiophiles Only

    Are you someone special? Are you rich? Do you wildly misunderstand electronics? Then you’re probably an audiophile, that rare breed of human who thinks that goofy add-ons like this ridiculous $650 board will make a piece of electronics (or analog gear) sound better. Read More

  • Hitachi Japan rolls out 11 new plasma and LCD TVs

    Last week it was Sony, and today it was Hitachi announcing [JP] a flood of new flat-screen TVs for the Japanese market. Hitachi does sell TVs outside this country, too, so chances are the four plasmas and seven LCDs find their way into other markets as well. (Some models will be offered in different colors, which is why you see more than 11 TVs in the picture above.) The company has divided… Read More

  • Hitachi rolls out new hybrid Full HD camcorder

    Today Hitachi unveiled [JP] its newest Full HD camcorder, the Woo DZ-BD10H, which will be available in Japan from August 9th. The company plans to produce 6,000 units per month. Here are the main specs:
    – recording on 8cm Blu-ray discs (BD-R/RE) and DVD (DVD-R/RW/RAM)
    – integrated HDD (30 GB) that can hold 4.5 hours of video in Full HD
    – support of recording in AVCHD
    Read More